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High security, high-quality mechanical and electrical installation of the preferred deep peak

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s we all know, mechanical and electrical equipment installation works can not be the end of the construction as a standard, and equipment commissioning, testing and commissioning, acceptance and so belong to mechanical and electrical equipment installation project management in the important process. Therefore, mechanical and electrical installation is a long process, only the time-tested companies, to be able to provide the broad masses of the people the most efficient service.

Faced with fierce market competition, Kunshan Development Zone, Shenzhen-equipment installation of water and electricity Co., Ltd. vigorously carry forward the "dedication in good faith, Yong Pan high" spirit of enterprise, uphold the "credibility of a boutique to promote the development of integrity" business philosophy, Workers tackle tough, to whet the Endeavor, cast a good brand image and the industry's leading position. After 10 years of development, advanced construction equipment, installation of qualified, strong technical force, with the coordination of various departments, there are eight construction teams, the company management staff of 40 people, 86 construction workers, the performance of innovation every year.

With the standardization of production equipment, the upgrading of the level of modernization, especially the application of automation equipment, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, commissioning process has become increasingly complex, professional division of refinement, equipment installation gradually to the technology-intensive direction of tilt, which for the installation of mechanical and electrical equipment The duration of the project caused a considerable degree of obstruction. Kunshan City Development Zone deep peak equipment Hydroelectric Installation Co., Ltd. to remind you: Generally speaking, the common mechanical and electrical installation of the main points: bolt connection problems, vibration problems, super current problems and electrical equipment.

Bolt connection is the most basic mechanical and electrical installation of the assembly, but improper operation such as the connection is too tight, the bolt may be due to electromagnetic and mechanical force of the long-term role in the emergence of metal fatigue, so that induced shear, screw thread and other parts assembly Loose phenomenon, planted hidden accidents. The most important thing is to install the commissioning of professionalism, the details of the decision is the key to success or failure of equipment installation, personnel organization and technical training is the foundation, mechanical and electrical equipment installation process usually consists of three steps: preparation of preparation preparation, preparation, installation.

Before the formal installation, the installer of the equipment shall formulate the plans in the light of the past practical experience, make careful planning for the electromechanical equipment installation site selection, equipment approach and organization arrangement, reasonably predict the difficulties that may be encountered during the installation process and put forward the emergency plan , Check the required materials, accessories, etc. are complete, whether the quality standards. Equipment installation process, to ensure personal safety is the top priority, helmets, insulated handbags, anti-glare glasses to be fully equipped; Second, the equipment parts and accessories should make a good appearance quality inspection, installation should be based on the planned division of labor , The post will be given responsibility to complete the task, and then the integrity of the equipment, security, a preliminary inspection.

Mechanical and electrical equipment installed, the follow-up work is to make the equipment into production as soon as possible. To achieve this goal, commissioning is inevitable process, fully detailed equipment assembly inspection is the successful completion of equipment commissioning and prerequisite for the completion of the need to re-commissioning before the equipment assembly integrity, safety and installation conditions for Check the work. During the commissioning process, the corresponding mechanical technicians and support staff should be in place on time, in the debugging process to further familiar with the equipment operation essentials, the basic procedures and functions of the control method.

Shenfeng company stands in the user and equipment installation plant set up a more convenient bridge between the excellent price and timely service, the company will be in the majority of users support and encouragement in the constant pursuit of more applicable to the service, let us work together to promote domestic water equipment Installation of the rapid development of the industry.

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